32nd board

32nd board

Philippe Heuthorst – President
Saranne van der Linde – Vice President & Secretary
Davy Peters – Treasurer
Leopold van IJzendoorn – Account manager
Justin Hen – Logistics Manager
Philine Kockelkoren – PR & IT manager


Philippe Heuthorst


Hi there! My name is Philippe Heuthorst and I am 21 years old. Since 2019 I have been studying the Physics and Astronomy. I love talking about design, architecture and films. This year, I am proud to be the President of the 32nd Board of the BBB Career Event Foundation.

As the president of the BBB Career Foundation, it is my privilege to work with a talented team of individuals who are dedicated to improving the career opportunities for people at our university. As president, my role is to oversee the strategic direction of the foundation, build relationships with businesses, students and their study associations, and ensure that our events are having a meaningful impact on the people we serve. I am always looking for new ways to expand the reach and impact of BBB Career Event Foundation.