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The Compound Company

The Compound Company is headquartered in Enschede, the Netherlands, next to its main production facilities. The Compound Company develops and manufactures compounds that are widely used in numerous application areas and industries. They are specialized in innovative customized solutions and are a flexible tolling partner for companies that are looking for extra production capacity. 

TCC has two major product lines: EcoForte and Yparex. EcoForte® is a family of thermoplastic compounds based on polyolefins and Yparex® is a family of maleic-anhydride-(MAH)-functionalised polyolefins. 

Compounds made by The Compound Company are used in a broad range of applications in a number of major industries, such as Automotive, Building & Construction, Packaging, PV modules and Compounding.

Interesting for: Chemistry
Offers: Bachelor Internship, Master Internship, Starters Function, Traineeship