We connect talents in IT and life sciences with jobs that bring out the best in them. Just graduated from university, applied sciences or have a PHD? Have you set your sights on a career in IT or life sciences? Formorrow will help you find your ideal job while teaching you all you need to know to shape your future. Going deeper than any other life- sciences or IT traineeship could. How working via Formorrow works 

The Formorrow method connects talent in IT and life sciences with careers that have real growth potential. While you won’t apply directly for a vacancy (you can if you want ofcourse), we’ll show you the types of jobs that suit you for who you are. No vacancy that suits you? No worries, together we’ll find the perfect position for you. Dive deeper. Grow further. With the Formorrow method

  1. Know: Get to know yourself even better and find out which jobs suit your personality, dreams and hidden talents.
  2. Find: We’ll find the employer where you’ll feel right at home. Who’ll bring out the best in you. Today — tomorrow, every day.
  3. Grow: During the Formorrow Academy you’ll deepen your self-knowledge. Strengthen your skills. And develop a long-term vision of your growth.

Interesting for:

Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Computing Science, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy


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