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Huawei continues to grow sustainably
In the intelligent society, data floods will be triggered. The opportunities will not go away. Instead, they will be upgraded. Therefore, in the future, Huawei will keep growing steadily. In the next five years, Huawei will maintain a compound annual growth of more than 20% in the new business fields. The implementation path of the Smart Everything is to processes big data in the digital brain of the cloud by connectivity of everything.
- Connectivity of everything, Huawei‘s 5G Technology Leads the World.
- Internet of Awareness, Huawei’s device business achieves the entrance to the intelligent society.
- Smart Everything, Huawei Cloud BU helps people implement AI and in-depth learning on the cloud platform. Therefore, the ICT industry is the foundation of the intelligent society and Huawei has a unique core technology advantage of the intelligent society in the future.

Vision and Mission
Bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world

Career in Huawei

At Huawei, we help you to: Do what you love, map your own future. Two paths, ongoing development, personal growth. Comprehensive training for ongoing growth.

Interesting for: Artificial Intelligence, Computing Science, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Management
Offers: Bachelor Internship, Master Internship, Starters Function