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The average age of Iperion consultants is under 30. We are a young and dynamic team with driven, passionate people that are contributing to change.

Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy has a young, dynamic and driven team of consultants. We are specialized in structuring and digitalizing the information provisioning, pharmaceutical companies are legally obliged to fulfill, when they are authorized to bring / maintain medicines on the market. This includes data for patient information leaflets, information for medical doctors and pharmacists, but also formal registration data for approval of medicines required by for national and international authorities.

Our aim is to support pharmaceutical companies in their digital transformation towards provisioning of  structured, consistent and up-to-date regulatory information in the right format in real time to authorities, healthcare professionals and patients.

Are you triggered by

  • Solving challenges in information management in the Life Sciences Industry
  • Working in small professional teams on¬†international clients with complex issues
  • Offering you variation, personal growth and great experiences
  • Combining and understanding technology, processes and people

Then get to know us!

Interesting for: Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Mathematics, Molecular Life Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Medical sciences, Management
Offers: Bachelor Internship, Business Course, Master Internship, Part-time Side Job, Starters Function, Traineeship