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Keizer Karelplein 32
6511 NH Nijmegen

Isatis Group

Isatis Group has been around for more than 30 years and has always operated from Nijmegen. We have now become a strategic partner for various companies and external customers. 
Every day we work with over 200 passionate colleagues on unique IT solutions for various markets. How do we do that? Through different business units. 

Every business unit has its own expertise. Almost every unit is established and operates from our head office in Nijmegen. For us the ideal way to optimally use all in-house expertise. Independent business units but with one common 'group' feeling. Our fantastic building on the Keizer Karelplein makes a major contribution to this. 

The knowledge areas in which Isatis Group operates are: 

* (cyber) Security 
* Healthcare 
* Digital Marketing 
* BI / Big data 
* .NET (Core) 
* Blockchain 

Our headquarter has a unique work environment witch encourages collaboration. We have our own computer museum, game room, fixed bar and even a real pharmacy for our healthcare products. Informality, entrepreneurship and cooperation are core values that connect our units. 

It is for good reason that a few years ago Isatis was named 'Nijmegen entrepreneur of the year'!

Interesting for: Computing Science
Offers: Bachelor Internship, Inhouse Day, Master Internship, Part-time Side Job, Starters Function, Traineeship