Are you almost finished with your studies, unsure what you want to do afterwards, and tech sounds appealing? Do you like logic puzzles and would you want to create exciting tools for big companies? Then becoming a low-code developer at NovioQ might be the place for you to start! At the moment, we are specifically looking for logical
thinkers who are communicative, and genuinely enjoy working in small to larger teams, who are not afraid to grow within a company that is currently expanding rather fast. When you join us as a developer, you will learn how to build applications in low-code (without previous programming knowledge). The only thing we need from you is a
willingness to learn, as we will provide training and integrate you in a development team over the course of your traineeship, which lasts about 6 months. When you work with us, you will enter a small team of colleagues. This means you will ge a lot of responsibility and freedom. You can work on your own projects fully independently instead of just being a junior in a large team. So, if you like puzzling, flexible working hours and vrijmibo’s, then come visit our stand, and maybe you will be our next trainee.

Interesting for:

Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Mathematics, Molecular Life Sciences, Physics and Astronomy


Business Course, Starters Function