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NRG (Nuclear Research and consultancy Group)

In the 1960s, we started as a research centre to explore the potential of nuclear technologies, among others. Besides nuclear energy, a medical application emerged: some isotopes proved useful for diagnosing a range of diseases and impairments. Since then, NRG has increasingly focused on the production of these so-called medical isotopes in the High Flux Reactor.

Today, NRG employs over 700 people with a high level of commitment to produce these medical isotopes which treat more than 30,000 patients every day. NRG also advises companies and government agencies on nuclear issues. So our work directly contributes to the health and security of millions of people all over the world. 


Do you want to contribute to our mission of helping 30,000 people a day with medical isotopes? You want to be a part of our new to be build nuclear facility, PALLAS? In case you do, the trainee program of NRG is aimed at developing your talents for a kick start of your career. The program has a duration of 18 months and starts every year in February and September. NRG gives you the opportunity to discover what the nuclear sector entails and helps you to find your place in it. 

As a trainee, you get to work on various projects in- and outside the company. This gives you a great insight in the nuclear world. There are many possibilities as it comes to selecting projects. Just to name a few fields:

  • Medical isotopes - development and production

  • Computational science - CFD, neutronics and structural mechanics

  • Radiation protection – Risk analysis and teaching

  • Engineering – Inspections and modifications

  • Nuclear Research - Material science and new reactor development

  • Process and Asset Optimisation - Chain- and project management

  • Business and Communication

  • Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning

  • Nuclear Licensing & Safety 


We give you plenty of freedom and responsibility to shape your work in an enterprising way. You are also literally given the space at our amazing locations at the heart of the dunes in Petten or in the woods of Arnhem.


Interested? Check all our opportunities at werkenbijnrg.nl