Working together for a better treatment of cancer patients. At NRG PALLAS, that is what we are working on. Are you looking for a technical job in a unique environment and do you want to make a difference for future patients? With the construction of the new PALLAS-reactor, we are looking for enthusiastic technical people over the next few years. From a maintenance technician, an operator to an engineer, we are looking for you!

Although we do not think about it every day, there is a good chance that we know someone who has been examined or treated with medical isotopes in the hospital.

Every day, over 30,000 people are helped with isotopes from Petten. We ensure the availability of medical isotopes for nuclear medicine worldwide, now and in the future.

Who we are.

NRGPALLAS plays an important role in researching, developing, and producing nuclear medicines (medical isotopes). We also conduct research and consultancy on existing nuclear power plants and new innovative concepts such as a molten salt reactor. We are experts in the field of radioactivity and radiation. With the arrival of the new PALLAS-reactor, we can continue to contribute to health care and a CO2-neutral future.

What we do.

  • 100% Nuclear For Life. Our research is important for health and climate neutral energy.
  • 30,000 patients helped every day with our products.
  • 800 Motivated employees. They make the world a little better every day.
  • 265 operational days of the HFR/ 300 operational days of the PALLAS-reactor for research and medicine production.

Interesting for:

Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Molecular Life Sciences, Mathematics, Medical Sciences


Bachelor Internship, Master Internship, Traineeship, Starters Function