StartUp Nijmegen has existed for 6 years now. It is a practical learning environment and meeting place where entrepreneurs can go for a workspace and a diverse program that ensures further development.

Startups quickly build up a network. They grow from entrepreneur to employer. This is due to the access they get to a large network around Nijmegen. They are introduced to experienced entrepreneurs and have access to facilities that help the company grow. Interesting, innovative ideas and unexpected collaborations arise. We have a wide programm that not only our entrepreneurs can take advantage of, but also all of you. Students who aspire to start their own business can turn to StartUp for assistance. StartUp provides a workspace and supports the growth of the business through an extensive program. There have already been many success stories. Additionally, we have a unique partner network with large corporations such as NXP, Nexperia, Novio Tech Campus, and other companies that you can engage with to expand your knowledge and network. Did you know that 100 entrepreneurs are currently connected to StartUp, and over the past few years, we have assisted more than 500 entrepreneurs?

Interesting for:

Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Mathematics, Molecular Life Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Medical sciences, Management


Part-time Side Job, Starters Function