Looking for a challenging job or internship in the sustainable energy sector? ZEBRA is your

The energy transition is in full swing! This comes with a lot of technical challenges.
A lot of times, solar or wind energy is generated when it is not needed. Or not generated
when it is! Meanwhile, the Dutch electricity grid cannot take the fast advancements in green
energy, electric transportation and gas-free heat. As a result, great sustainability projects do
not get off the ground.

ZEBRA investigates the bottlenecks and possibilities for companies and business parks with a
data-driven approach. For example, we are developing an energy management system that
matches usage, generation, storage, purchase and sales of electricity. In this way we make
the sustainability plans possible!

Are you passionate about data and the world of energy? Do you want to make a difference
in the energy transition in a young and close-knit team in Nijmegen? Check out
www.zbr.nu/vacatures or talk to us at the BBB Career Event!

Interesting for:

Computing Science, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Management


Bachelor Internship, Master Internship, Part-time Side Job, Starters Function, Inhouse days