Lecture Sogeti: 11 Years of Learning, Inspiration and occasional Screaming

11 Years ago Vincent Wijnen started his career at Sogeti as a software tester. Quickly annoyed with the copious amount of manual and repetitive labor, he started delving into the world of Test Automation tooling. This initiated a long journey through the wonderful world of automated feedback that took Vincent to countless Dutch companies. Now a test automation consultant, Vincent looks back on 11 years of learning, inspiration and occasional screaming.

If you are hoping for a complex in-depth story full of the newest technology and stunning feats of code, you are out of luck. Test Automation is a practice that impacts nearly everyone involved in the processes around IT and is therefore primarily a human endeavor. The challenge is in the people, so to say. However, this makes it an ideal starting point for an anecdotal story about how IT is functioning (or crumbling and ablaze) today at some of the largest companies in the Netherlands. If the wonderful world of professional IT seems daunting, then you’ll want to come and listen.

Date: 15 May 2019 10:30
Location: HG00.071


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