BBB Career Event

On Wednesday 24th of May 2023, the BBB Career Event will take place! 
After the success of last year's event, which was the first physical event in two years, we will yet again organize a physical event. We will make sure that you can enjoy our Career Event just like in previous years! Come and enjoy various interesting lectures, workshops and maybe even meet your future employer.

Date:  24 May 2023 10:00
Location: Huygens Building, Nijmegen



There are also 4 workshops to attend. Click here to find out more about those



If you're looking for an opportunity to have your CV (resume) reviewed, we've got you covered. Simply submit your CV to us and De Carrièrebus will provide you with a professional review. To take advantage of this service, please submit your CV to


2022-2023 Events


On the 22nd of December, we handed out 'OlieBBBollen' and 'AppelBBBeignets' to students in the main canteen of the Huygens Building. 

27-02-2023 to 03-03-2023

Additionally to the BBB Career Event, a Skillsweek took place. Skillsweek was a week full of activities in which students could learn new skills. It offered students a variety of courses that taught a range of useful skills. This week took place from 27-02-2023 to 03-03-2023.


On this date, a special promotional event took place. In collaboration with BeestFeest, we organised the BBBeestfeest *NSFW* edition. BeestFeest is the biggest student party in Nijmegen, held every two months at Doornroosje and organised by Olympus, the umbrella association of all FNWI study associations of the Radboud University. This edition, BBB Career Event teamed up with them to host BBBeestfeest on the 13th of April


One month prior to the event, the last promotional event took place. Students could win prizes by participating in the lottery. They had to follow BBB Career Event on Instagram, snap a picture of the mystery item at the Huygens Building, and share it on their story, tagging us along the way. We randomly picked the lucky winners that either won am awesome glider rides or a (sustainable) rock books.


BBB Career Event