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Mercator Launch Workshop (10.30 - 12.15) in HG00.514:
Are you interested in entrepreneurship and innovation? Do you have an idea for a startup, but don't know where to start? Join Mercator Launch for an entrepreneurship workshop at the BBB!
Our workshop is designed to help students like you develop the skills and knowledge needed to turn your ideas into successful businesses. You'll learn about becoming an entrepreneur, understanding your client’s problem, testing your business ideas and more. We will teach you the most important strategies and tools to achieve this!
Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore your entrepreneurial potential. Sign up for the workshop now!

Info Support workshop (13.30 - 15.15) in HG00.062:
Explore the impact of ChatGPT in the workplace. Learn about the opportunities and challenges it presents. Discover how Info Support utilizes ChatGPT with real-life examples.

Valcon workshop (13.30 - 15.15) in HG00.539:
Are you up for the challenge? Subscribe for our case and experience our work as consultant! 
A large national grid operator (Energy4You, or E4Y), faces an operational problem of reducing power outages, which affects a large part of the organisation. E4Y is unable to independently tackle the right causes. The organisation asked you to analyse the problem and advise them. 
First, a thorough analysis is required of the current business process. Then you will get access to two truth-based datasets. By analysing these datasets you get insights into possible explanations and causes of the problems of E4Y. By combining knowledge of the process and the data analysis, it is your job to come to a tailored solution. All solutions are presented and one group will win the challenge (and a nice prize).  
Note: you will need your laptop.


Radboud Docenten Academie workshop (13.30 - 15.15) in HG00.514:
In deze workshop denken we na over de vakinhoudelijke kant van het lesgeven. We staan stil bij de manier waarop je je vak moet beheersen als leraar, en op welke manieren dat in je werk tot uiting komt. De uitdaging is om je eigen vakkennis in te zetten voor de ontwikkeling van die van je leerlingen. Wat doe je met de leerlingen zodat ze zich in het vak ontwikkelen? Hoe kun je de groepsdynamiek gebruiken? Hoe stimuleer je ze tot denken? En dan ook nog voor 25 leerlingen tegelijkertijd. Jacqueline Nijenhuis-Voogt neemt je mee in deze materie.


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