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Eurofins Professional Scientific Services Netherlands

Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions ® is a global managed service provider that employs and manages full-time employees to run and manage laboratory services at the client's facility. They offer project-based insourcing solutions that provide laboratory services support with flexible timeframes and no regulatory concerns at lower costs
than fixed headcounts. 

They recruit, hire, train, and manage highly qualified scientists to perform laboratory services at the client's site, using their quality systems and equipment. They even help set up the laboratory and validate equipment according to the client's SOPs and Lean laboratory practices on a project basis.

Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions ® follows a philosophy of finding great people and taking great care of them, so they, in turn, take great care of their clients. They offer career advancement opportunities, training, development, and a comprehensive benefits package to attract, retain, and motivate high-caliber employees to serve their clients.

Interesting for: Biology, Chemistry, Medical sciences
Offers: Starters Function