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Info Support is a leading software company with a talented team of 500 engineers, that makes high-end custom technology solutions for companies in the fintech, health, energy, public transport and agritech sectors. We are proud to have awarded distinguished engineers in the field of software architecture, AI, open source, Java, .NET, cloud and agile, speaking at tech conferences around the world. Furthermore we are supporting the developer community by contributing at several open source initiatives.

Graduating at Info Support
Doing your master thesis at Info Support, means you will be part of our Research Center. Our Research Center facilitates and stimulates scientific research, with the objective of staying ahead in Software Architecture, AI and Software Methodologies that most likely will affect our future. We have extensive experience when it comes to supervising graduation students, and we are happy to help you during this final sprint. We consider it a challenge to come up with an assignment that does not only has added scientific value, but also impacts our clients and the clients of our clients.

Working at Info Support
Every young professional within the company starts with our IT Top Traineeship. This traineeship is aimed at developing technical and personal skills and empowers you to handle complex and business-critical software issues.

In addition to training and courses you will work as an IT consultant and you will be surrounded by passionate IT colleagues who are focused on learning and knowledge sharing. We believe that staying ahead in the IT industry asks commitment and continuous self-improvement As employer we take the responsibility to facilitate you in your journey becoming highly qualified Software Craftsmen.

Interesting for: Computing Science
Offers: Bachelor Internship, Master Internship, Starters Function, Traineeship