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Student Consultant

Do you want to make the most of your student time through a flexible, challenging, and fun side job?
Join Student Consultant!

Student Consultant is a start-up that aims to be the biggest and best student consultancy firm of the
Netherlands by 2024. Together with Bluepoint, Adaptif and N-Abled, we form L&vS Group. We are
entirely ran by our ambitious and excellent students, that work in diverse and multidisciplinary teams.
These teams carry out consultancy projects independently and support projects of both consultancy
firms and the largest corporations of the Netherlands.

We work very hard to realise our vision; “To give all ambitious students a head start at an impactful
career.” You will proactively be part of this, by carrying out internal duties and consultancy projects in
the fields of strategy, data, IT and finance, among other things.

Student Consultant offers you:

     • Boost your resume!
       Relevant work experience through a flexible side job during your studies.
     • Develop as an entrepreneur!
       Lots of flexibility and the opportunity to incorporate your own input by carrying out internal
       duties (acquisition, marketing, or human resources).
     • Develop as a consultant!
        Opportunities to develop as a consultant by applying your academically acquired knowledge
        in practice and following broadening and in-depth (consultancy) trainings by diverse
        consultancy firms.
      • Job satisfaction and fun!
        On the one hand, the experience of the fun and informal work atmosphere of Student
        Consultant and on the other hand, the opportunity to be a part of the more formal work
        atmosphere of the “real” consultancy firms of L&vS Group and our clients.

We are looking for ambitious students from with a data-related study background that want to gain
experience as consultants:

    • Minimum of 60 ECTS at university level or doing a pre-master
    • Minimum availability of 16-20 hours per week for 12 consecutive months
    • Proficient in Dutch

If you are not certain whether you meet the requirements, feel free to contact us via the contact details

Check out our website: https://www.student-consultant.nl/over-ons-voor-studenten/ or apply directly
via https://www.student-consultant.nl/contact-voor-studenten/.

This company is unfortunately not interested in non-Dutch speaking students.