We are Ardena An international and fast growing contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). We strongly believe that our multidisciplinary approach accelerates the drug development and approval process. By seamlessly integrating our services, we’re able to better mitigate development risks and ultimately reduce time-to-clinic. We have currently over 500 professionals working at 6 sites in Belgium, […]


Are you a student interested in cutting-edge software development and chemical risk management? Look no further than Chemrade Software! Based in Nijmegen, our growing company develops and exploits a state-of-the-art SaaS platform for registering and assessing hazardous substances in the workplace, ensuring grip on health risks. Our clients include companies in the chemical industry, as well as food producers, pharmaceutical […]


Put your back into it and develop the best healthcare software. With that sense of team spirit Hans and Gerrit Mulder started ChipSoft in 1986. That no-nonsense mentality is still at the centre of the company, maybe even more than ever, as the company has grown with at least 850 ‘Chippies’.  All those hundreds of […]


Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions ® is a global managed service provider that employs and manages full-time employees to run and manage laboratory services at the client’s facility. They offer project-based insourcing solutions that provide laboratory services support with flexible timeframes and no regulatory concerns at lower coststhan fixed headcounts.  They recruit, hire, train, and manage highly qualified […]


At imec, our future starts with innovation that improves the lives of all of us. We take on the challenges of tomorrow to ensure better health, safer mobility, sustainable energy, and much more. As a world leader in nanotechnology, we shape the roadmap for the semiconductor industry for the years to come and work on […]


Who we are…We are known as Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA in the United States and Canada and MSD everywhere else. For more than a century, we have been inventing for life, bringing forward medicines and vaccines for many of the world’s most challenging diseases. Today, our company continues to be at the forefront of research […]


About NRG PALLAS. Working together for a better treatment of cancer patients. At NRG PALLAS, that is what we are working on. Are you looking for a technical job in a unique environment and do you want to make a difference for future patients? With the construction of the new PALLAS-reactor, we are looking for […]


Heb je een technische of exacte achtergrond en wil je dit combineren met recht? Heb je affiniteit met technologie, innovatie en bedrijfskunde, maar ook met taal? Dan is het vak van octrooigemachtigde iets voor jou. Octrooigemachtigden werken op het scherpst van de snede binnen technologie, recht en bedrijfsstrategie en adviseren hun klanten op het gebied van technologische ontwikkeling. Als je […]


Docent zijn… Docenten zijn helden. Tenminste, dat vinden wij. Je hebt lef nodig om voor een klas te staan. Leiderschap tonen, een goed verhaal hebben en kunnen inspireren zijn randvoorwaarden om een goede docent te zijn. Voor onze samenleving en onze toekomst is goed onderwijs van onschatbare waarde. Docenten maken het verschil in het leven en in de ontwikkeling van leerlingen.  Wie zijn wij? Bij de […]


YER makes ambitions happen, by introducing starters like you to leading organisations. Work, enjoy and use 100% of your potential. We are a job placement agency and distinguish ourselves with our Talent Development Program. A customized program that focuses on your professional and personal development after your study, while you’re in fulltime employment at one of […]