The BètaBedrijvenBeurs, also known as the BBB Career Event, is a highly anticipated annual event in Nijmegen, Netherlands. It brings together students and professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with companies and organizations looking to recruit talented individuals for internships, traineeships, and full-time positions.

During the event, attendees have the opportunity to network with representatives from a diverse range of companies. The BBB Career Event is an excellent platform for students and graduates to explore their career options, gain valuable insights into the industry, and make meaningful connections with potential employers. The event also offers a variety of services, including workshops, CV and LinkedIn checks, a professional LinkedIn photographer, and a captivating talk from a NASA representative during lunch. Additionally, we release a complimentary BBB Career Book annually, showcasing companies' presentations to students. The Huygens building on the Radboud University campus serves as the venue for the event, with designated areas on the ground and first floors, specifically the broad hall, central canteen, and first-floor broad hall.

This year the BBB Career Event will be on the 24th of May


Register for 24th of May