The BBB Foundation, founded in 1991, is a non-profit organisation with a board consisting of six students. All of them offer their time to create great events and help students to start their career. They do this by teaching students soft skills, hosting lectures with inspirational speakers, and with the big annual BBB Career Event. Do you want to help out with these events? Do you have ideas on how to connect students and companies better? Would you like to be part of this ambitious project next year? Feel free to contact us. 

Aftermovie 2019


BBB is looking for new board members for the academic year of 2022-2023. Starting from September, you can be part of an amazing board year during which you develop your skill-set and help students prepare for their future career. Being a board member is part-time throughout the full year, so you can still get some EC's in the mean time! You can take a look at our Board page to learn more about the different positions. Fill in your details below if you're interested and we'll contact you about the rest!

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